Arsene Wenger Tribute

Hello friends. This post is going to be dedicated to Arsene Wenger because he has announced his departure will be at the end of this season. I would like to congratulate him on a remarkable 22 year long career with Arsenal. Although there may have been lots of ups and downs, Wenger made history not with just this club but the entire world. He changed the tactics and views of English football and truly carved himself into a legend. Before I continue, I would like to say that I do know that this post is a little bit late but I wanted to think about it. I will post my reaction to the West Ham game soon, I know I am a little behind but I have lots of tests and quizzes going on right now. 

Arsene arrived at Arsenal with unpopularity but passion. He made his name a statement by going one whole season without losing. The Invincibles will always be recognized as one of the greatest ever football teams to ever play the beautiful game, and Arsene Wenger was leading right behind it, giving the players tactics and showing them compassion. He also won the Premier League trophy at White Hart Lane (Happy anniversary!). A remarkable achievement, he gave the fans hope and gratitude towards a new era in football. Always a calm man with high intelligence, he knew how the game was to be played and that things are not just given to you, but you must earn them. That can be seen during his time in the 2012-13 season. We had players like Chamakh and Bendtner leading our squad, yet Wenger was still able to squeeze out wins from them. Although he may not have had the strongest lineups during his mid-career with Arsenal, he knew what his players could do and showed them how to work with each other well. 

At the end of his career, I started to grow a little tired of his reign. We dropped lower and lower and were knocked out of the Champions League for good during the 17-18 season. We lacked confidence and passion, and it seemed that the Arsenal players were not excited to wear the badge. I truly believe that Arsene’s affect on Arsenal started to wear off slowly, and I desired change. Part of my reasoning on this is not only because we were losing many games in the season, but we also were tarnishing Wenger’s legacy. The longer he stayed in office, the less amount of respect he would get (coming from the fans at least). 

I was extremely excited when I heard that the Arsenal board wanted to give him a proper send off instead of sacking him, because despite how much I have been angered at the man for our recent performances, I think that he still deserves to leave with dignity and respect, after all he has done for our club. I will always admire his loyalty and gratitude within our club. He has been through a lot, and I wish him the best of luck in the future.

Thank you, Arsene, for putting our club in a completely different place from where we were before, and we as fans will be ever so grateful for your presence. May God bless you and give you the best of luck in the next chapter of your life.


Chris (The Gunner) 

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