Newcastle 2-1 Arsenal

Boy do I love waking up very early to watch Arsenal play. Our defense is in shambles and we look like we just didn’t want to play today. Extremely poor performance from the players and we NEED to pick up our form before Atl├ętico.

Beginning with lineups, I honestly did not have a problem. I was happy to see Joe Willock make his Premier League debut because we aren’t going anywhere in the Premier League. His performance was terrible, but I am not going to rant too much about him because he is only like 17(?) years old. I also didn’t mind seeing Chambers move over to right back, I was very curious to see how he would play in his old position.

Our first goal was lovely I must say. Lacazette tucked it in beautifully and I was very happy when we scored. That was about the only good thing to take away from the match.

I really do not like how Mustafi is such an up and down player. One day he will be rock solid and score a goal, the next it will look like he has never played CB at all. He was out of position and it honestly looked like he just ball watched. Poor performance from Mustafi in defense.

When I saw Calum Chambers play right back, I was very curious to see how well he would do in his old role. It had been so long since he started as a right back for Arsenal. However, my curiosity and excitedness was killed when Newcastle scored their second goal. As a defender, your job is to prevent the ball from going into the goal, as simple as it sounds. Chambers completely missed timed his horribly placed slide tackle and allowed Newcastle to capitalize on opportunity. Calum put in some very bad minutes and I was happy when Maitland-Niles came and subbed him out.

And I would like to conclude with Wenger. I will keep it short and simple this time: Wenger needs to go ASAP.

Keep your heads up gooners, we can come back from this (hopefully).

#COYG #WengerOut


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