Arsenal 3-2 Southampton

Hey guys, first off I wanna apologize for putting this up so late, my internet has been down recently but at least I was able to get the blog up. I was very happy with the performance we put in last Sunday and wow what a win it was. Great job by Welbeck and the rest of the team, well deserved victory in my opinion.

I am going to go ahead and skip the lineups because I did not have a problem with them at all and I also have to start writing my blog update for the CSKA Moscow Second Leg game (spoiler alert: I’m happy!!!).

My biggest issue in this match was Mustafi. He is such an up and down player. Sometimes I want to run onto the field and give him a hug but other times I want to kick him in the groin. The first goal we conceded was horrible, and I think that was all of Mustafi’s fault. He lacked knowledge of where the ball was going to end up and did not show his physicality in attempting to go for it. Some people may blame Cech for the goal, but honestly, the ball was too far out of the 6 yard box and Mustafi was closer to the ball. Cech could not have done anything to try and save the ball, Mustafi just needs to get his form sorted out. 

I was very happy with Aubameyang’s goal during the match. It was a lovely finish and put a great sense of confidence within the team. He is such a great player and I cannot stress enough that we need to play him in as many games possible next season. He could be one of the key players to help us <possibly> lift the Premier League Trophy next season. 

And I will finally conclude with Danny Welbeck. What a performance I must say. After being out through injury for so long and to have such a spectacular performance deserves high praise. He may be an up and down player, but his goal scoring threat in such crucial games (i.e. Leicester City 2 years ago) is amazing. He had a fantastic (kind of lucky) goal in the first half and I was extremely pleased seeing him celebrate a goal in an Arsenal jersey again. His second goal was also very crucial. I was jumping out of my chair when I saw it. I really like Danny as a player and do believe that he will be a very useful super sub for next season.

Well that is all I have for that game, I am going to start writing about the CSKA Moscow game now. Apologies for posting these up so late.

#COYG!!!!! #WengerOut

Next match: CSKA Moscow Second Leg of the Europa League


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