Arsenal 4-1 CSKA Moscow

WOOOOWWWWW!!! Yes, we have done it, we have dismantled CSKA Moscow in the first leg. I am very proud of the boys and truly believe that this win was very well deserved. If we can go on like this for the rest of the games in the season, I think we are going to be very happy despite not being in the top four of the Premier League. 

I liked the lineups for today, however, I still think that Ospina should be starting. I think the goal that Cech gave up was a good goal, however, he could have at least attempted to dive for it. He just paused and put his hands down, and being a keeper myself, that is the last thing you want to do in any situation. I really thought that Ramsey Ozil and Wilshere made our midfield tick and we overall had a strong lineup for this game. 

Ramsey did a fantastic job, honestly. His precision with his shots and passing ability was truly magnificent. Also there was THAT goal. That was insane. Congrats Aaron, you should have had a hat trick but there is always a next game. 

Lacazette also did exceptionally well. His confidence from the goal last Sunday carried over to his goals today. All around great job by him and I think that he is finally settling in at the club. I predicted this a couple of months ago and it just feels so good to be right. Let’s just knock on wood and hope he keeps this amazing form up. 

And for the negative comment for today because there will never be a perfect game, I think Mustafi wins the award for worst clearance. That was absolutely terrible, he gave away the ball and then they scored off of a very stunning free kick by Golovin. I would say that would be the only highlight for Moscow during that match.

To be honest, I think we should have had more goals that game. I am happy with the result, but the more goals the better. Let’s win the next one and hopefully move past the semis and into the finals!!!!!!

Wenger IN vs. OUT Scale:

IN———————————–OUT |

Next match: Arsenal vs. Southampton/ Sunday/ Premier League

#COYG #WengerOut



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