Arsenal 3-0 Stoke City

Well the international break is finally over and I can say I am quite the happy camper right now. The US won against Paraguay using players all under 26 years of age and Arsenal battered Stoke City into relegation! I must say I am quite impressed with what has been going on with the club right now. Now, let’s get into the game.

I was very impressed with the lineup mainly because of Ospina. I have constantly said this, but Cech has passed his prime and he is no longer the goalkeeper we all thought he once was anymore. David made some great saves and I could not be happier with the overall performance from the players. However, I was kind of shaky seeing Chambers in our lineup, but I knew that Wenger was just resting Koscielny for the upcoming Europa League match on Thursday where we will be travelling to CSKA Moscow. The Europa League should be our number 1 priority this season, but we need to win these Premier League games so they can boost our confidence.

Despite the awesome victory, the first half of the game was extremely dull. The players gave up the ball and did not look like they wanted to play a soccer (or football) match. They lacked accuracy in both passing and shots and looked lethargic whenever they were trying to hold possession. However, after that penalty call, we really started to look alive.

I was very happy with Aubameyang’s performance, he really stood out to be one of the best players on the field (or pitch) today. His penalty was splendid and that finish after the cross was absolutely stunning. That was also class by him for letting Lacazette have the penalty, even though it would give up his hat trick. Lacazette needs a confidence boost and Aubameyang was a major part of that. Thank you Pierre for what you did, you will be rewarded in the near future, I promise.

Moving on to Lacazette, I think he played exceptionally well today. His passing was brilliant and his penalty was perfectly placed. I think he will do great if he plays on Thursday night.

Finally, I think Ozil should have gotten the man of the match award. People may argue that Auba or Laca should have gotten it, but I believe that Ozil deserved it most. His passing was crisp the whole game and he got us the penalty to break the duck of bad play. Great job today, Mesut!

I would also like to say something to the ONLY player I respect for Stoke City. Jack Butland, you need to move on son. A relegated team is below who you are and I hope he can switch this summer. I would honestly love to see him at Arsenal. As busy as he is, he does a great job in keeping his goal clean of any shots. He has the most saves this Premier League season (about 116), and I think something should be said for that. It would be wonderful if he came to Arsenal, but definitely a player that denied the score from being 5 or 6-0.

Well, that is all I have for today, have a great Easter to all those who celebrate!

#COYG!!!! #WengerOut

Wenger IN vs OUT Scale:

IN————————————OUT |

Next match: Thursday April 5, 2018/ Arsenal vs. CSKA Moscow/ Russia/ Europa League/ Let’s win this.




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