Arsenal 3-1 AC Milan

Wow! We did it! We made it into the quarter finals! First time since 09 season and I am very happy about that. Milan played well but we played better. Great job guys!

I was a little bit concerned seeing some of the young players in the lineup as this was a pretty big game but overall  they did very well and I am nothing but happy for every single one of the players who played yesterday. This was  a great win and great way to enter St. Pattys Day!

If I were to give a MOTM award, I would surprisingly give it to Xhaka. Despite horrible recent performances, he really stood out by completing almost every pass (93%) and having a goal. He really proved his 35 million pound worth and I really hope he can build up on his performances from here. Great job Granit!

I must give credit to Milan, however. They made too many mistakes and to be honest, on their day, I think they are better than us, but that is just my negative opinion. Donnarumma should have more saves during that match, but honestly, I do not think the Milan fans should hate on him too much. He is only 20 years old and just experiencing the footballing world. By 25, I think he is going to be the best goalkeeper next to De Gea, and Neuer is going to drop down the pecking order. Their single goal was fantastic. Calhanoglu placed it perfectly in the net and hit the ball with perfection. I was very surprised by their goal as it was one of the most stunning ones I have seen all year. Props to Milan and best of luck for the rest of the season. 

Welbeck actually played pretty well too. I think his speed really helped him and I guess he was just feeling like Messi that day. He obviously wanted to score and did so, twice. I absolutely do not think we deserved that penalty at all because that was one of the biggest flops I have ever seen, but hey, a goal is a goal and I’ll take it. He did very well with that header in the end though. Way to be there Danny at the right time. 

I would like to end with Ospina. I think he is a very underrated goalkeeper and needs to be starting over Cech. He made some fantastic saves during the match and I truly believe that he deserves to be the club’s number 1. 

Great job lads (as they say in England) and let’s improve on this for every game for the rest of the season! CSKA, get ready, because the gunners are moving full steam ahead!

#COYG #WengerOut

Next Match: Leicester City vs Arsenal FC/ Postponed, details will come later/ Premier League Action



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