Arsenal 3-0 Watford

I apologize for posting a day late because I am very busy right now on my spring break… however I was able to fit the game in and now I can give you all my recap.

I think the lineup was fine again… I don’t even know if I need to talk about these anymore because Wenger has impressed me very well recently. I was a little nervous seeing Niles in the lineup because he is young and we needed a win, but he did pretty well in the match and I am happy for him. That was about the only concern I had going into the match.

The team played well, actually. We passed the ball around, we dominated, and we converted most of our chances. I was especially surprised at Xhaka’s performance. He was able to pass the ball and do solid in the back of the midfield. I knew one day he would show us his true talent and yesterday he did. Props to him and I think he did a great job.

I also enjoyed the Mkhi-Auba partnership, just like old times at Dortmund. They play extremely well together and it just makes me even more excited to see them play together in the future. Brilliant goal by Auba and congrats to Mkhitaryan on his first goal as well.

Mustafi kicked things off well for us for once. What a header! Beautifully placed into the top corner, the goalie could not do anything about it. Thank you Shkodran for showing us Arsenal fans what you are truly made of.

I wanna say congrats as well to Cech, for 200 clean sheets. I think he should have gotten this title a while ago, but he finally got it and that is all that matters. Congratulations big man and best of luck in your future matches.

That’s all I have to say and I am really proud of this team. I probably could say a little more but I am trying to relax and figure out my college situation right now but I will try to do better on the next blog (I am worn out right now).

#COYG!!!! #WengerOut


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