AC Milan 0-2 Arsenal

Yeeessss! We finally won a game! I am very happy with the performance from the players and the response from the loss against Brighton. However, this is only the first tie, and only the future holds whether we get into the next round or not. If we play just like we did today, I think we could have a good shot at making a very good cup run, and who knows, maybe even win the whole competition. 

As always we are going to start up with lineups and I must say that Wenger has improved a lot from the beginning of the season on who he chooses to play. Not our best squad but one which could definently compete with a bigger team. I liked seeing Kolasinac play and I also really enjoyed seeing David Ospina in the starting XI. I think he is a very underrated goalkeeper and still could be the needed goalkeeper we have had a problem with for a very long time. Cech put an end to the problem 3 years ago, but his age and recent performances has dropped down the pecking order. I do not think his body can physically take another high action Premier League game next season. 

Once again, I was very happy to see Jack Wilshere playing as well. He is such a good midfielder and he is so loyal, I really want to see him wearing the captain’s armband, he truly deserves it. He played well, completed passes, made chances, and even thanked the fans on social media after the game for the support during the tough times. I really hope he will be an Arsenal player for the rest of his career. 

I was extremely pleased and relieved after Mkhitaryan scored the first goal. I was worried all match that Calahanoglu (I do not know how to spell his name but you know who I am talking about) or another attacker was going to score because they put some heavy pressure on us during the first half. Although it was pretty lucky, bouncing off the defender and all, it was still a good strike and I am very happy that it put us 1-0 up. 

I think Ramsey’s goal was the best one in the match, no offense Mkhi. His brilliant eye to stay onside and speed to go around the defenders was world class and the way he skilled around Donnarumma was just absolutely amazing. Definitely a player on-form right now. He also had some very nice passes during the match and was one of the main contributors to provide us with a win. 

I still have lots of respect for Milan, they are a very good team, but I really hope they do not bounce back next match and we can respond very well again. 

I am still not a fan of Wenger, but he seems pretty motivated right now so lets see what he can do for his (hopefully) last year (or 2) at Arsenal Football Club. 

#COYG!!!!! #WengerOut

Next match: Arsenal vs. AC Milan/ Emirates Stadium/ Europa League Football/ March 15, 2018/ 1:05 PM PT/ 2nd leg Fixture Round of 16


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