Brighton & Hove Albion 2-1 Arsenal

God we are bad. Hahahahahahahahaha. It is just a joke now isn’t it? We are so bad good lord. I am pretty disappointed because I woke up very early to see such a horrible performance. I hate getting up early as I am not a morning person but I love my team, I just do not get why they have to let us down so bad. I am also angry at the fact that there are fans in England who travel all the way to see their team play, they spend money, bring their kids because they expect to win, and the club just completely let them down. I think the club needs to either start giving refunds or making the ticket prices way cheaper because this cannot go on any longer. I’m tired of it, the fans are tired of it, it needs to stop.

As for the lineup, it wasn’t too bad I guess. I thought it was a little shaky with Xhaka and Iwobi, but I thought “oh this is just Brighton, we don’t need our big players”. I have never been so wrong in my whole life. I was very happy to see Aubameyang in the lineup as well. Not a bad lineup by Wenger.

Now onto the game itself. We played so poorly in the first half. I think my high school team could have done better. Our away record is so poor, and that was really easily seen by the performance today.

Xhaka is good. Good at giving away the ball. Why does he not know how to pass? Every time the ball landed to his feet I screamed, “Just give it to someone else!!” Bad player, bad performance, classic Granit Xhaka.

I think Aubameyang did very well honestly. His shot was pretty sick and I am so happy that we signed him. Smartest move by Wenger in years. That was a great goal and I feel sorry for him that he has to learn to play with this terrible club.

Özil had an insane shot, only to be blocked by in-form goalkeeper Matt Ryan. He gave the ball away a little bit in the second half but overall I think he tried his best.

Our first half performance was a mockery. We didn’t pass the ball and our defense was in shambles, as always I guess. We let way to many balls through and we just played horribly. We did pick it up better in the second half, but we already had lost the game in the first.

I would say the next best thing from Auba’s goal was Kolasinac’s tackle. It sounds horrible because that was the biggest foul I have ever seen, but that was a hilarious hit. I watch the NFL a lot, and that was definitely labeled as a “truck”. Hahahaha.

Props and respect for Brighton, they deserved the win and we deserved every goal scored against us. We are a very bad team.


IN—————————OUT |

I am not going to bother putting in the next match, we probably are going to lose anyway.

#COYG!!!!! #WengerOut


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