Arsenal 0-3 Manchester City

And we have lost again. I do not think we have improved at all from the last match and it did not look like our boys wanted to get any revenge at all. A lackluster performance and horrible tactics prevents us once again from reaching our goal of getting top four, which I am starting to believe we will not achieve because we are TEN points behind Tottenham. I think it is official. I am going to the Wenger Out side. It has taken me a while because I respect the man and all he has done for the club, but he is driving our success into the ground. It is time for change.

Lets now move to lineups. I think it was a very strong lineup in my opinion, once again, I think it was the manager’s tactics which screwed us up. I was praying that Wilshere would play over Xhaka, but he was left out of the match. I also think that we need to replace Welbeck with Lacazette, he is simply just not good enough. He can’t score, can’t pass, can’t dribble, he can’t do anything, he is just fast. This may be controversial, but I think that we should play David Ospina over Cech. I think with experience, he could be better than Cech. He is also younger and can make a very good save. Other than that, I do not have any other problems with the lineup for this game.

I am first going to get the main problem off of my shoulders, because it has been bothering me ever since the match. I am posting this one later because I want to get my thoughts together. Mustafi and Koscielny I believe are good defenders when they are on form and have strong tactics backing them, however, defensive mistakes like that should never be acceptable, no matter who your manager is. I do not like the way David Silva, Bernardo Silva, and Leroy Sane were able to just run through our defense. It looked like it was just a walk in the park for them. I think we would have defended better if we just put a couple of rocks on the field. I was honestly pretty surprised about the poor defending in that game, despite our current form (Which by the way is LWLLL). David Silva should not have gotten past Bellerin for his goal either. I was so confused on what had happened. I feel like I could have walked out there with a jersey on and defending better than him. And he also likes to say “don’t criticize our club and its players” but I mean come on Hector, this is the real world, and no one is always going to be nice to you. I hope Juventus steals him so we are able to get a large sum of money so we can buy a better and harder working right back. I am not a Bellerin fan anymore, only on game days and he is playing I will support him.

The next major issue I am going to discuss is in our midfield, Granit Xhaka. The man simply cannot do anything useful. Well, he did put up a beautiful free kick so I will give him that, but besides that, what the hell is he doing? Right before Leroy Sane scored, Xhaka just fell down right next to him. Am I the only one that knows that you do not go in for the slide tackle unless you are 100% sure you are going to succeed? Bad timing and bad performance from Xhaka, I cannot wait till Wilshere comes back, we need him.

Speaking of Wilshere, why is he not our captain? Our defenders are too un-confident and just bad, plain and simple, yet we have an extraordinary midfielder who would take a bullet for the club, put his body on the line, and show passion for the game yet we still do not give him the armband. He deserves it and I really hope Wenger will realize that.

I like our attack right now, Auba and Laca just need a better manager backing them because we all have seen how well they could perform under a decent manager.

I am not going to get too frustrated at Aubameyang though, I think he played the best next to Mkhi during that match. His strikes were good but not good enough. His penalty was good but that save was amazing. I cannot get on Auba’s back for that but only clap for Ederson. Great save and a great keeper, his clean sheet was well deserved.

Well those are all of my main thoughts for the last game, if we do not win the next one, (Brighton and Hove Albion away) which I mean we probably won’t, I do not know how the board will not fire Wenger at the end of the season. We need to find a manager and that is that. We cannot try and pull a David Dein and cross our fingers to find a random manager in Japan who will do well. We need (and deserve) a proper and experienced manager who is going to make us strong tactics. I want to criticize the player more than the manager next season because it provides clearer views on what needs to be changed next.

Wenger IN vs Wenger OUT Scale:

IN————————————-OUT               |

(yes that is correct, your computer did not glitch, that just shows you how much I want change)

Next match: Brighton and Hove Albion away, English Premier League, March 4, 2018. 5:30 AM ET ( we better win because I really dislike getting  up this early )

#COYG!!!! #WengerOut


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