Carabao Cup Final Arsenal 0-3 Manchester City

I do not know really how to explain all of my anger and frustration with this club in only one blog post, but holy cow was that embarrassing. The lads came in today looking ready to play a cup final match, but it turned out they just did not care at all. Every player did not preform to expectation and I have said it for so long now but something needs to change in the Board area of the club. We rarely get opportunities like this to win trophies, and we need to capitalize on these opportunities. We are so bad that the only hope this club has left of winning the trophy can only be found through praying. Horrible performance, makes me ashamed to be an Arsenal fan.

Alright lets move on to lineups. I can’t really get too frustrated with it because it seemed to me to be a strong enough lineup. As I said earlier in the Ostersunds blog, Chambers is not a good enough defender to play for Arsenal. He is too young and honestly, too shite. He poses weak links with the rest of defense and no one can rely on him holding down the back. The center back position is one which should be filled by a strong leader, who is aggressive and can think his way through dangerous plays, but that is just my opinion. Kompany is a perfect example of that. Calum Chambers is the perfect opposite of that. He is inexperienced, doesn’t know what to do when a dangerous attack forms, and is not aggressive enough when he defends against attackers. He cannot do it and it will be at least another two years if he does. We need to sell Xhaka, but I am going to talk about him later. Our midfield looked strong, and I am really starting to dislike Bellerin, whom I will talk about in a little bit as well. With complete honesty though, I cannot be angry at Wenger for choosing this lineup, it made sense. The only suggestion I had would be to not play Chambers in big games like these, he is just not ready at all yet. 

So many people get made at Ospina and say that he should have saved this and he should have stopped that, but I personally do not think he is a bad goalkeeper. If he got more playing time, I think he would do much better than Petr Cech. As a goalkeeper myself, I can understand the frustrations and the immense pressure, and I think Ospina deals with it wonderfully. The defenders are the guys we need to be criticizing the most right now. Overall, I think Ospina tried his best, but he just has bad players in front of him. 

I already talked about how bad Chambers is, but now I will move onto Mustafi and the other defenders. Good lord Mustafi cannot head a ball. He cannot defend or protect our goal in any way shape or form. His lackluster playing style and sluggishness was one of the main reasons why we lost today and are not lifting up a trophy. I have said it for so long now, but we desperately need to buy new defenders in the summer, it should be our number one target next to a new goalkeeper. Right now I do not have any problems with Monreal or Kolasinac. I think they try very hard even when we are losing. However, I am starting to not be a fan of Bellerin as much as I used to. When he first made his debut in the number 40 shirt, I saw a player that wanted to play. A guy that wanted to start for Arsenal and knew that he would have to work in order to achieve those goals. Now that he is the only first team quality right back we have, he thinks that he can just slack off and go smooth sailing until we buy another right back. I can tell of this when he called out Arsenal Fan TV, a channel I have loved watching and been following for years. AFTV is the heart and soul of the fanbase of Arsenal and consist of the most die hard Arsenal fans in the world. When I saw that Hector Bellerin told them that they needed to stop getting mad at the players, I knew that he has just turned into a “to cool for school” type of guy. No offense to our youngsters, but he has no competition in this club and obviously does not think that we need a change. Hector, buddy, the reason why we fans get angry at you is because we want you to win and we chant your name, support you with our hearts, and when you don’t care and let us down, that is just, as English people say it, taking the piss. I think you have good skills Hector I really do, but your attitude prevents you from becoming the great player I think you could really be. Start acting too cool for the club and start caring, because the fans are the ones paying to watch you. 

Now lets move onto the midfield. I do not want to get mad at Ozil or Wilshere, so I am just not gonna talk about them. It might have been an off day for them, but if you think about it, our whole team had an off day. I will tell you guys this now though, we need to get rid of Xhaka, or at least bench him until he realizes that he needs to perform well if he wants us to win. He is the definition of garbage. I bet Man City were celebrating even before the game because they saw Xhaka in the lineup. They knew he was gonna give the ball away and not do crap in midfield. He was definently one of the primary reasons why we lost today. Poor corners, horrible free kicks, and lacking eyesight apparently because it doesn’t look like he knows how to pass the ball even to save his life, Xhaka cannot be put onto the field in any major games for the rest of the season. I am saying take him out of the Europa League matches, remove him from the rivalry games in the season, and just sub him in the second half of the Premier League matches where we are winning by a large margin or we are playing a club that seems to have absolutely no hope in scoring a goal against us. Xhaka was supposed to be our rock in midfield, but he is just a mere pebble. 

I like Aubameyang, he just started playing for us, so I am not going to criticize him in any way. 

Now I am going to move onto Wenger. I love what the man did for our club in the early 2000s, but good lord he needs to go. I actually had a small sense of happiness when we lost because that means Wenger doesn’t have anything he can hold onto in order for him to stay, unlike when he won the FA Cup three years ago, when he should have left. As I already said, I am not mad at him for the lineup, but I am mainly concerned with our strategy. Why are our players playing with so little passion or commitment. We have zero desire to win matches as it seems, and we just cannot compete with any team in the world, big or small. I bet Arsenal could come over here to the US and play MLS football and still not win a single trophy with Wenger in charge. If my other favorite team (I like them because they are local) Atlanta United went over to the Premier League, I can guarantee you that they would do better than Arsenal and Miguel Almiron and Josef Martinez would do more combined damage than Arsenal have done this whole season. The tactics are screwed up, and I am praying to God that the board needs to realize that Wenger needs to get the hell out of the club ASAP. 

Finally, I am going to talk a little bit about the entirety of our football club (well not really, just the players and the manager). I think we have quality players, I really do. I think we have strong defenders, which may be crazy to say after a performance like that, and we have good midfielders as well. I also think our striker options are one of the best in the league. I do think our goalkeeping situation still needs to be sorted out, but it is not like we have goalkeepers that don’t know how to use their hands, i.e. Szczesny in the Southampton game after new year. I think Mustafi is a good and experienced enough defender, and I think Bellerin has the potential to be the best right back in the world. I believe Chambers can grow to be a great player and Monreal/Kolasinac are the most stylish and organized left backs in the Premier League. I remember when we signed Mustafi, and I was so excited. He was a key defender for Valencia and was very strong on the ball for a defender. I was happy when we signed Chambers because I saw a player who had potential that could make him start for England in the future. Koscielny is one of my favorite defenders of all time, mainly because he started as an underdog, and proved all of his haters wrong and became one of the Premier League’s most recognized central defenders. I love each player no matter how bad the performance, and I really do think we have a good team. I think the problem is Wenger. Wenger strategies are too ancient and are not good enough to win us games. If we replace Wenger with a manager that knows what he is doing, then I think we are capable of winning the Premier League. I have seen every Arsenal player play in the past either with their former club or Arsenal and know what they can do. I know Mustafi and Koscielny can become the greatest defensive partnership in the league and with strong full backs, we should honestly have the best defensive record in the league. I remember when we first signed Xhaka, everyone lost their minds. We, the fans, were so happy that a strong leader and player was finally joining Arsenal, a problem we have had ever since the departure of Patrick Vieira. Mkhi and Aubameyang are going to be the strongest attacking partnership in the Premier League, I know that as a fact. My main point I am trying to come across is, we have the talent and quality, but we have a bad manager, which is why we are losing. Wenger, thank you for what you have done with the club in the past, but right now, it is time to say goodbye. Lets win our next fixture boys. 


Next match: Arsenal vs. Man City (again) Premier League March 1, 2018 11:45 AM ET. Lets get some revenge in this one boys. 



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