Arsenal 1-2 Östersunds FK

Great job tonight boys, we lost to Ostersunds FK. I don’t get it, I just don’t. How is a top tier English team able to lose to the smallest teams so frequently? Is it just bad luck or are we just extremely overconfident? Either way, we played horribly and that performance was an embarrassment to the club. The players are lucky that we won 0-3 earlier on and got through to the next round.

The lineup was weird to be honest. We had some big names there, but I was thinking that we should just save our players for the Carabao Cup Championship on Sunday. The defense once again was dreadful and the midfield looked quite shaky at times. I really did not agree with Wenger on starting Chambers. 

Chambers is not a good player. That’s all there is to it. He is not quality enough to be a defender for Arsenal. Wenger must have thought to himself that he was going to be another Luke Shaw and have extremely high potential, but he has done nothing for the club. I cannot remember the last time he scored, assisted, or even had a clean sheet with the club. He is not good enough and is still a Southampton player. Well, I probably should not say anything because we might lose to them too. 

I would say the best player out there today was Elneny. Although he wasn’t stellar, he played better than the rest of the guys on the field. Good game Mohamed, don’t think that any fans are angry at you. 

I already talked about defending, but what an issue we have on our hands. Both of their goals were from extremely poor defending. You cannot really blame Ospina for not saving the goals, but I believe that the main problem was just the extremely poor defending. And Chambers, how do you let one player get so much yardage off of one turn? You are an ARSENAL player which means you need to defend well and are not allowed to make mistakes like those. We need to do better, and we can start by buying new defenders in the summer. 

We got very lucky to get the goal on our part, but like I literally just said, it was lucky. Defending mistake by them allowed us to capitalize on opportunity and I am happy that we did. That was really the only positive from the match. 

The next match is the Carabao Cup Final against Man City, we need to pull out the best performance humanly possible. Good luck boys, I will be rooting for you at home in the US of A. 



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