Östersunds FK 0-3 Arsenal

There we go, I like what I see. Great way to bounce back from the horrible loss I do not want to talk about from last weekend. 

I think the lineup was good, and thought it was smart of Wenger to put Mkhi and Ozil in the team just to provide extra depth and skill in our midfield. For a second I was a little worried of having Ospina in goal, but he did a fine job so there is nothing to say on that. He was also our captain too, which kind of surprised me, I expected it to be Ozil. I always like seeing a team that has extra world class players in it against smaller teams so we can secure the victory. I cannot wait for them to come to the best stadium in the world in the second leg fixture. 

I was happy with the performance overall, but I think we could still improve on some points after watching the game. Our defense is horrible, I am just gonna say it. Bellerin is amazing when he is on form but he is too inconsistent and cannot cross a ball worth his life. I heard from people who go to multiple Arsenal matches that they see Bellerin cross the ball in the pre-game warmups, yet he just does not execute during the actual match itself. I think we need to find a proper right back in this next transfer window. On top of that, it would be nice to have a good commanding centre-back which could really hold the fort down in the back, that would be amazing. My #1 choice for that is Raphael Varane. Not only would he look good in Arsenal red, but he would be the man to fix our defensive problems and would most likely be the best center back in the league after some time. That is my main view on Arsenal’s defensive problems. 

Ospina, our captain today, played very well. Brilliant save from a very good shot outside of the box during the match and what a life saver when he caught the penalty. Props to him for a good night and I hope he will impress more in the future. 

Ozil and Mkhi did exactly what I thought they would do today. They passed the ball brilliantly and executed everything else very well. A very strong midfield against any team no matter if it is Real Madrid or Ostersunds can secure a very good victory in my opinion. Lets hope we can build on this and make the most of our midfield in the bigger games to come. 

Welbeck didn’t really do much, it seemed like he was just there. I honestly cannot remember the last time he scored a goal for us. I at first thought to myself when he signed with us that he would bang goals in and be a key striker for the club, despite being kind of a fallout with the Man Utd squad. I saw potential, but I think he enjoys just being a social media moron rather than being a proper footballer. Get him out. 

Anyways, I am very happy with the win here today in the first leg, and I really hope we can go all the way to win the Euro League, it is our best chance of getting back to Champions League football, and it would also finally put a European trophy in our cabinet that we have been dying to have for years. 


Next Match: Arsenal vs Östersunds FK/ Europa League/ Emirates Stadium/ February 22, 2018/ 12:05 PM PT


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