NLD Review

Hello fellow gooners, I want to apologize for posting a little late because I had to recover from yesterday’s North London Derby match.

As always, we will start off with lineups. I really think we need to play Laca and Auba together with Özil and Mkhi playing behind them. I wasn’t too excited to see Elneny in the lineup, but he played OK, so I won’t criticize him too much. Overall, I think the lineup wasn’t too bad but I really wish Ramsey wasn’t out, he would have been a great asset to the team.

I hate to say it, but props to Tottenham they played much better than us most of the game, I say we did better in the last ten minutes. I really wish we could have come out on top.

Our whole team played horribly. Passing was off, we needed to keep more possession, and we could not convert our chances. Lacazette really should have scored at least twice and I was very angered with that. In the end, I do not think we deserved the loss, but after a days recovery, we really did.

Özil did some pretty interesting things as well. Why was he passing behind to the defenders instead of pushing forward? I think it was just the tactics of Wenger, as DT likes to point out.

I think we just had an extreme off-day and we need to bounce back in the next match, I’m too depressed to see what it is, but I will blog about it don’t worry.

Let’s win the next one boys, please don’t make me feel so gloomy like this again.

And yes the cover has RVP on it… it was the the first photo that popped up and I was too lazy to find another one. 



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