First off, I wanna start by saying I know this is an Arsenal page and this has nothing to do with Arsenal FC, but I am American and Jay Ajayi is a Gunner so why not. If you have no interest in reading about American Football, just leave right now because you will get bored very quickly. 

I am so happy that the Eagles won because of three reasons: Nick Foles was a 2nd string quarterback, the Eagles were the underdogs, and I hate the Patriots. Nick Foles has been in the NFL for 6 years total and has had a pretty overlooked career. He was the passer rating leader in 2013 with the Eagles in his second season, and currently holds a tied record for most Touchdown passes in a game (7). Despite being such a good quarterback, Foles is a very humble man and has proposed to the world that he will be a priest once he retires from the NFL. I also liked how the Eagles won even though they were the underdogs. I found it very impressive that throughout all of the playoffs, they were never the number one seed, yet they still won it in the end, it sort of reminds me of Leicester City two years ago. Finally, I hate the Patriots, it is just plain and simple. My favorite team is the Bills, but due to location I also have strong feelings for the Falcons, who made it to the Super Bowl LI last year. That year it was Pats vs. Falcons and I was praying that the Falcons could finally hoist the famous Lombardi Trophy. However, my dreams were crushed as we blew a 21-point lead and Tom Brady, I hate to say it, came in clutch and won it all. It took me weeks to finally get over it, but that is one of the main reasons why I hate the Patriots. They are just too darn good. It’s like the Champions League Final when Arsenal faced Barcelona, it actually is exactly like that. Arsenal had the lead, but the annoying Catalans came back and their brilliant players stole the trophy from us. Like come on, you guys have a million trophies and you won’t let us have one? Sorry, but I get sort of drifted away whenever I think about that game. As you can probably see, I am trying to make as many soccer (I am calling it that to get rid of confusion) analogies as possible for those few that are soccer fanatics and are still reading this. In the end though, I am extremely happy for the city of Philadelphia, and I hope the people who got injured in the riot get better ASAP. 

Overall, I think New England had the better offense. Strongly lead by Tom Brady aka the GOAT (I hate to say it but its true), they pushed forward on all of their drives and did very well overall. However, I think the reason why the Pats lost was because of their defense. They looked really confused at times, especially during Foles’s exciting TD catch. The Eagles did play very well on both sides of the ball, so props to them for that, although that touchdown catch by Zach Ertz did seem a little controversial. 

Finally, I would like to congradulate the Eagles on the amazing victory and I also would like to apologize to the Gunners who follow Woolwich Street and have no interest in reading this article at all. Screw the Pats btw. FLY EAGLES FLY!!!!!

Side note: I hate seeing all of these posts by soccer pages on social media which have the total viewers and say that the World Cup is greater than the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl was created and formed by AMERICANS. They call it AMERICAN football because the people who play it are majority American and you will find difficulty in finding other Football Leagues around the world. The WORLD Cup is brought together by the WORLD. There are a million other countries out there, which means of course there are going to be an increased number of viewers. I can almost bet that no one in Europe, Africa, Asia, or Middle East could name an American football team in their area. Let us Americans have fun with the sport, because it is American made and brings people a sense of nationalistic pride. I love both competitions, and I hate seeing people argue about them. Coming from a person that plays both, I can say that they are both very physically demanding and very fun to play. Lets stop all of this arguing and enjoy the sports we play and watch. It is not what they were meant for. Both were made so people could have fun with them, not just argue about which one is better based on viewers. All in all, the World Cup is an extremely fun competition to watch and although I am kind of pissed off that the US isn’t in it, I will still have fun watching it. And yea, it may have 9 million more people watching it, but the US has 300 million people, and I think 1/3 million watching is  a pretty good ratio. Lets have fun with these sports instead of arguing over them. 

#COYG #FlyEaglesFLy




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