Arsenal 5-1 Everton

That’s another W for the books! What a game. Brilliant performance from the players and a great way to make up for the Swansea loss. 

I think our lineup was very good, but we did not need to make it that strong. I understand that Wenger wanted to get a win today following what happened at Swansea, but I think we put all of our firepower out there, which isn’t anything bad, but it does provide risks when you think about injuries. I was very happy to see Auba and Wilshere play after the rumours of them missing out due to illness. I also liked seeing Mkhitaryan in there too, he provided us with so many assists today, I’m starting to not miss Sanchez anymore. Anyway, good lineups overall, very happy with the performance today.

If I were to give out the Player of the Match award, definitely Mkhitaryan. That could be controversial because Ramsey played amazing today too, with a hat-trick. I think Mkhi deserved it more though because he just handed out assists like he was giving out free candy. He is such a great team player and is very unselfish, and I think him and Ozil are going to make up the best midfield Arsenal has had in a very long time, possibly dating back to the Invincibles. His passes were so crisp and accurate and his mentality to go back to help defending was wonderful. Top drawer performance by him and what a way to kick off his Arsenal career.

Aubameyang did fairly well too on his debut. I was aching for him to get his debut goal and I was very happy when he did. Although, I honestly do not think he deserved it, as much as I don’t want to say that. He was clearly offsides, and we just got lucky that the linesman was out of position. 

Ramsey, our Welsh god, destroyed our opponents today. He battered in three beautiful goals and displayed a top-class performance. I am very happy with how he played and I think him and Wilshere are going to be deadly if we put them side by side. Sorry Xhaka, but I think he gave the ball away a little too much during the match. Ramsey did make a minor mistake in the first half, leading to a very good opportunity for Walcott to put it into our net for the first time at the Emirates not wearing an Arsenal shirt. I kind of wanted to see how Walcott would have celebrated though, but I also wouldn’t want to take that risk. I still like Theo, and I think he has a very bright future at Everton. He already has two goals and an assist there, so keep shutting up those haters Theo! 

I also think that Nacho did very well and deserved a goal in that match. He is the perfect definition of an in-form player. That header of the bar should have gone in and I fell out of my chair when he hit that volley, but credit to Everton for that wonderful defending on that play. 

Overall, I am extremely happy about this win, and we just got to keep pushing on until the end of the season. Let’s go boys!!!


Wenger IN vs OUT Scale


Next match: NORTH LONDON DERBY BABY LETS GET IT!!!! Premier League Saturday 2/10/18 7:30 AM ET ( early rise for me 😦 ) #COYG!!!!

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