Swansea 3-1 Arsenal

Well well well look at what we have here. Another loss, another poor performance for us. I am kind of glad I was able to miss the game due to soccer practice but boy was that performance horrendous. This blog isn’t going to be too long because I have more important things to do rather than call out what this embarrassment of a team this is.

 Swansea wanted the three points more than us, which can clearly be seen. Fair play to Swansea, you guys deserved it, well done. Arsenal, come on guys. With all do respect, we need to be taking down team like this easily. If we want to raise our position in the Premier League, we cannot afford games like this to slip away. We have quality players who are good enough to get the job done, but for some odd reason, we still cannot come away with the win. Now whether this is the players’ fault or the manager, something is wrong and needs to be changed. I’m pretty sure I said the same thing about the Bournemouth match, but we need to do something. If that is sacking Wenger or buying more players next summer, make it happen. 

Hopefully the Aubameyang deal can get done so we have another enforcer up front, because Lacazette did not provide well today. Too many mistakes, not enough opportunities, he needs to do better. I have been saying it for so long now, but I still think we need to give him some time, he is still just settling in. I also think we desperately need a new center back. Whoever is available, I think we need to get ASAP. Also maybe another goalkeeper as well because as much as I love Petr Cech, he has passed his time. Our defenders are making too many mistakes and Cech needs to retire soon. If we buy a world class defender and better than average goalkeeper in the summer, I think we will be set very well for the next season. 

Mkhitaryan made his debut today, but I am not going to give him much stick because it has been a while since he has had some attacking football, we will just determine how good he is in the future. 

Wenger IN vs OUT Scale


Next match: Arsenal vs Everton Premier League Saturday 2/3 12:30 PM ET



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