Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

If you wanna know, I am dancing in my chair right now. This was a fantastic game for us. Well, actually let me correct myself, this was a good enough game for us. I think we could have scored more and controlled the ball better, but otherwise we did fine. 

Let’s start with lineups first, shall we? I think we had a pretty good lineup for this one. I was kind of confused as to why Wenger put Ospina over Cech, but he did okay so that was fine. The only other thing which confused me about the lineup was the bench. I think if we were losing, we would not have many good players to use as an emergency. I honestly think that there were more professional players we could have used as safeties, but in the end we didn’t really need them so it doesn’t matter. 

The first goal sort of put me on my knees when I first saw it. I was so frustrated at the horrible positioning of Mustafi. It seemed like he was expecting something else, but he literally just left that whole gap wide open for Hazard to run through. Koscielny was stuck defending by himself during that goal. That is something that needs to be fixed and hopefully we will bring in another defender by next year. Rumors have it that we will bring in 30-year old West Brom captain Jonny Evans, but I will save that for a later blog. 

After that however, I think we played pretty well. I think some of our ball movement was a little off in the second half, but overall we did pretty well.

I have to give credit for Nacho Monreal for scoring ANOTHER goal for us. It was a pretty lucky one though. A double deflected header allowed Nacho’s header to go right into the goal, so yes, we were very lucky on that one. Rudiger and Alonso must feel horrible for that but hey, it sucks to be blue! hahahahhaa. 

When I saw Xhaka’s finish, I was quite surprised. Based on all of his highlights and past goals, I’ve never seen him hit a ball as beautifully as that. Sure it may have been like 2 feet away from the goal but still, it was a nice finish. Credit to Lacazette for creating that beautiful opportunity to put us in the lead. 

Later I saw Ozil dribbling down the right side of Chelsea’s box and then send an absolutely wonderful ball over to Alex Iwobi. I screamed “THREE ONE!!” so many times but then I saw what Iwobi did. That was absolutely horrendous. If he was not gonna take a touch on the ball, at least put a nice curve to it. Caballero would have never got it if it had spun in the air a little bit. Honestly though, he should have just taken the stupid touch. If he did that, he would be able to relax himself and tuck it home. Seeing that made me kind of angry for the rest of the game until it finished and I heard the commentator say “And it ends 2-1 for Arsenal”. However, come on Iwobi, you can do so much better, just next time take a touch and let Ozil get the amazing assist. 

And now were off to Wembley for the final of the Carabao Cup. I cannot wait. We need to keep our minds focused because I think we are playing an even better opponent in the final. Manchester City are one of the best teams in the world right now so we need to focus. If that means we lose a couple games in the Premier League because of intense training and resting players, then let’s do it. Man City are already going to win so the Carabao Cup needs to be our main priority. Let’s do this boys!!!!!!

Next match: Swansea City vs. Arsenal English Premier League Tuesday 1/30 2:45 PM ET COYG!!!!!!!

(Oh and btw, not too shabby for not having Alexis in the squad anymore XD)


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