And it’s done…

Welp, all the questions and drama can finally end now. Alexis has left Arsenal to join Man United and we have officially signed Mkhitaryan.

My honest opinion: I don’t like this very much. This could be very controversial to some fans but Sánchez meant something to me unlike any other player did. You could throw out Ramsey or Giroud and I wouldn’t be too depressed, but seeing Sánchez go just made me sad. My heart drops whenever I see him in that disgusting blood red and white shirt. The reason for this is because when I saw Alexis play, I saw someone who still held their head up after games and not just say “oh well” and lose the next. Sánchez played his heart out for our club and no one can deny that. He brought us joy when we felt times of sadness, which were very often. His smile would light up the Emirates Stadium as a whole. If you cannot see that, you have failed to be a legitimate Arsenal fan. If you think Sánchez just left for money, you are wrong. Sánchez wants to win and he deserves that. I’m not saying we should get down and kiss his feet for what he’s done, but I’m saying that he shouldn’t be disrespected. I hate all of these comments under his posts saying “🐍” or “you only went for the money” because he really didn’t. He left because he wanted to be successful. 

After seeing his wage, I can see why he would want to go, but I don’t think that was the main reason why he wanted to leave. He did have a perfect opportunity to win the league with Manchester City, but now that he is at Old Trafford, he has time to settle in with the squad. I think he did not just want to get a fat head after winning the league in his first year, and I can understand that pretty well. It’s a very smart decision. I just hope he does well wherever he goes because I think he deserves more than what Arsenal gave him.

Multiple reports actually suggest that Alexis was a pretty egotistical player in the locker room. My answer to that is, who cares. Give him the ball all day long whenever he calls for it, even if he does it for the whole match, but he will score goals and provide assists unlike any other in the Premier League. With a little more firepower up front, I think Alexis would have done even better than before. I do firmly believe that Micki is going to give us more assists than Alexis ever did, which is a positive for us. 

Now let’s get onto our side of the transfer deal. We just traded Alexis Sanchez for Henrikh Mkhitaryan. I’m sort of saying that to myself in a dull manner because I do not think this is a fair trade at all. Alexis’s class will never be matched unless Micki comes out to be one of the best players to play for Arsenal, which I think is unlikely. Micki is a very good player, I’m not going to deny that, but he is not worth giving away Alexis for. My ranting has no real affect so I should probably stop, but I am just so disappointed that this deal actually went through. Micki scored goals for Manchester United and that is what is important. Micki is a team player and will not constantly ask for the ball like Alexis, which I believe is a major positive. Will Micki do well? I think he will. I do not think he will completely flop (fingers crossed), and I do think he will give us another good attacking option. Micki is very skillful and will move the ball forward which is very important for us. So we just have to look at things on the bright side. If Micki becomes one of our best players, then that would be great, we need it. If he does not perform as expected, however, I will be extremely displeased. Mkhitaryan is a player that should not flop, and if he does, I would want to grab Wenger by the collar and force him to buy back Alexis. We as fans just need to hope for the best and hopefully Mkhitaryan can prove me wrong by performing very well.

Now that I have kind of completed my ideas on both sides of the transfer window, I really want to look into the future of our club. I think we need to sign Aubameyang to really get an upgrade from Alexis. Auba is a player that would link perfectly with Micki and I truly believe that our attack force would be scary for other teams. Micki, Auba, and Lacazette all in front of Ozil and Wilshere, teams should be scared. If the deal for Auba goes through, I will not be angry at all anymore about Alexis leaving. Having two very good player with fantastic chemistry alongside some of our other attacking options, I will be an extremely happy camper. It is all up to Wenger and the board, so I am praying that this transfer goes through so we can finally have the chance to compete for major trophies in the future. Come on Wenger, make this happen!!!!!!

Welp, that  is all. I have completed my rant and my thoughts. If you enjoyed or not, please leave me your thoughts in the comment section posted under the blog. Once again, not jumping out of my chair for this deal, but if Micki can perform and we buy Aubameyang than we will be set for a very successful future. 


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