Arsenal 4-1 Crystal Palace

Let’s Gooooo!!!!

What a win, and a much needed one too. All the players played very well in the first half, starting off a monstrous campaign in the 6th minute. We cruised on to win 4-1 in the end and were brought 5 points clear of the Premier League top four, which I think should be our main goal for the rest of the season. 

I have to write a separate speech for Monreal though. I mean holy cow what a performance. The last time I remember him playing that well was when he scored that goal against Manchester United in the FA Cup in 2015, although this was a better performance from even then. Monreal’s first header was of the highest class because he just hopped over the defenders like they were not even there. Then, he gives a perfectly timed low-cross over to the Nigerian Prince Alex Iwobi. He THEN provided another chance, this time feeding Koscielny the ball and then giving us our fourth and final goal of the match. Despite his brilliant performance, Monreal was later stretchered off with a hamstring injury. I really hope it will be a short-term injury because we need players like him providing exciting team play like he did today. 

I was also very happy when I saw Lacazette get on the score sheet. Since December 2, he has not scored a goal, and I am very happy seeing him score one in our first win of 2018. I think Lacazette is going to turn out to be an amazing striker in at least one years time. 

Now we get to the negative part, because we are Arsenal, and there are always negatives within the club. After the first half passed, it almost seemed like we put an entirely new team out there. Crystal Palace were given more chances and I think our defending over all in the second half was just bad. I think the goals got to our heads, which ended up in Palace scoring a magnificent volley (it really was) from Milivojevic. The goals getting to our heads is extremely risky especially when you come up against a good team. I really hope that does not ever happen again because if we were up against a good team like Manchester City or Liverpool, they could have easily come back and at least tied the game. Thank god this happened against a weak Crystal Palace team, and we need to learn from our mistakes. Lets win the next one now come on you gunners!!!!!! #COYG

ESPN Highlight video of game:

Wenger IN vs Wenger OUT scale:


Next match: Arsenal vs. Chelsea Semi-final Leg 2 of English League Cup 3:00 PM ET

Come on Arsenal!!!! #COYG


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