Thanks for Everything Theo! What’s Next for the Gunners?

First off I would like to say a big thank you to Theo Walcott for everything he’s done for the club. His enthusiasm and speed lead to him to be one of the most exciting wingers to watch.

Theo scored 65 total Premier League goals and 43 assists in 270 appearances. Some of his goals were very fun to watch too. My personal favorite was against Newcastle back in 2012 where he came around from the corner, the defender tripped him over, and then he got right back up and scored an unbelievable goal.

Theo was a very underrated player and I wish him all the best at Everton FC.

Now whats next for us? I am praying that Wenger can get either Aubameyang or Malcom or even both. Walcott was a strong winger that was dangerous when put into the right position. If the Sánchez deal goes in and we get Mkhitaryan, that would be fantastic. Mkhitaryan matches with Walcott in terms of speed but I believe that he has better ball control, however, that could be debatable depending on who you ask. I also think we would not need to bring in Malcom. Malcom is an amazing young player and based on my prediction Mkhitaryan probably would not play over him. Either way they are both very good players and I am happy with whoever we get.

Aubameyang is also linked with a move to Arsenal. I am excited about this one. I’m sort of following the occasional Arsenal fan stereotype: sign a striker, get really hyped up about him, striker underperforms and repeat. I think Aubameyang is something different though. Lacazette only played in the French League before Arsenal. And with all do respect to the French teams, the competition is not as high or intense as it is the Premier League. Every year it’s PSG, and now Monaco seems to be doing better too, but that’s about it. Lacazette has only been exposed to French football and has never been in such an intense game before. However, you look at Aubameyang’s career and he’s been places. He started off in Italy which is a country most known for intellect while playing and then moved to Germany, where fast paced matches are key. Aubameyang has perfect experience to play in the Premier League and I honestly think he would be one of the best strikers in the League during his first year. He is a player I think Arsenal needs. I feel that Lacazette will do very well by next year or the next but if we want instant goal scoring, Auba is the way to go.

I’ll close off with this: thank you Theo for everything and please Wenger sign someone to replace him!!!


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