Mkhitaryan for Sanchez in Man Utd Deal?

Henrikh Mkhitaryan is an extremely popular midfielder/winger in Europe. His style of play is very fast and aggressive, which leads to many goals and assists. Mkhitaryan earned most of his popularity from his time at Borussia Dortmund, and highly rated team in the German league, called Bundesliga. With 76 appearances in the famous yellow and black shirt, Mkhitaryan scored a total of 21 goals and 25 assists, Mkhitaryan is considered one of the most dangerous wide midfielders in Europe. After being snapped up by Manchester United for £26.3 million pounds, Mkhitaryan played 25 games scoring 5 goals and 5 assists. The red devils seem happy with Mkhitaryan, or “Micki”, but would much rather see Alexis Sanchez in the roster. 

Alexis Sanchez was bought by Arsenal from Barcelona for a mid-30 million pounds. He clearly has lived up to his price tag after 122 appearances, 60 goals, and 25 assists. Looking at this stat really makes me go “wow!” because he such a great player. This can also be seen through Manchester United’s offer. Not only are Manchester United giving away one of their star players, but also a cash sum to be determined. Now when the deal will be done is still unknown, most fans can all agree that Alexis Sanchez will leave the club. 

Now here is my whole take on the situation:

Alexis Sanchez is one of the best players Arsenal has ever been able to hold on to ever since van Persie in 2011. I might get hate from some people for saying that, but van Persie was a striker that is yet to be replaced. Giroud had some shining moments in his Arsenal career so far, and some may say that Lacazette is the one player we have been looking for, but even he has not lived up to expectation. On a side note, I can firmly believe that Lacazette will change because he is still getting used to the English language and style of football. Personally, I think that either next year or the year after that, he will be a major threat to other teams, and may have the capabilities to obtain the golden boot. 

Now back to Alexis. I honestly do not want him to go. He is an amazing player and is the main target that teams have to watch out for when they play us. He is such a great player (and I have spent money on a couple of his jerseys, but thats beside the point) and does not need to go. Arsenal are going through “dark times” as I like to call it and I think Sanchez could be the main key for winning the title in the future. Many fans may argue that he deserves better and should move on, but if we want to be successful, why sell our best player? We do not need money, we need players. Financial problems are the last thing we need to worry about. I think that Wenger needs to bring in players such as Malcom and Aubameyang. We clearly have the money to buy these players because we are the third richest club in England. I can almost promise you that if we have Malcom on the right and Sanchez on the left midfield and then have Lacazette and Aubameyang as strikers, the lowest position in the Premier League we would be in is 2nd, and I truly believe that. I think that the attack force and power would be the best in the League and the only way it would screw up is if Wenger sets up bad lineups, but since he is a very experienced manager, it is hard to see him do that. 

So back to the question, is Sanchez for Micki a good deal? I think it would be a very good deal for Arsenal because they are receiving a good player that could potentially be a good replacement, if he does not become a flop. However, would I like for it to happen? My answer is no. I would rather have Wenger bring in more players to the club to improve on attack force. I also think we need to buy a world class defender, but I will just leave that to another blog. 

So that’s what I think and I would love to hear any comments. Leave them in the comment section below. #COYG

(photo creds to SkySports)


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